ANZAC Questions

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ANZAC Questions by Mind Map: ANZAC Questions

1. What they slept in? Julian & Matthew

2. When did they start doing the one minute silence? Rynal & Dallas

3. What was some of the equpiment they used? Alex & Vinny

4. What were all of the countries that fought in the war?

5. Why did the Turkish soldiers start the war? Alex & Vinny

6. What type of guns did they use in this war? Edison & Cali

7. Why did NZ and Australia team together? Rynal & Dallas

8. What did they wear? The soldiers/ Uniforms? Charlie & Isha

9. Did the Germans or Turkish fight? Jordan & Memphis

10. Why did they start fighting? Hinenui

11. How often do they get a new pair of clothes? Hinemoa & Nikki

12. What equipment did they use other than guns? Matthew & Julian

13. Did they have tanks then? Danny & Devon

14. Who approached the country to help first? Aus/NZ Danny & Devon

15. How old did they have to be to go to war? Cali & edison

16. Were girls allowed to go?

17. How do poppies represent ANZAC? Charlie & Isha

18. Did they have pets at war? Matamaria & Charlotte

19. What did the other countries think about the war?

20. When did WW1 start getting called WW1?

21. Who started the war? Joni & Hinenui

22. How long do they serve in the army for?

23. How many countries went to the war?

24. What did they do for training?

25. What vehicles did they use in the war?

26. How did the Turks know they were coming at Galipolli?

27. How often did the soldiers shower if at all?

28. What did they eat? Rylee & Damian

29. Did they wear protective gear?

30. Did they have medical kits? Nurses?

31. Did the soldiers have anyway to communicate with friends and family? Abi & Bella

32. How much food did they get a day? Hinemoa & Nikki

33. Where is Gallipoli?

34. What happened to the people that got shot / died? Te Kura & Gracie

35. How many people were killed? Charlotte & Matamaria

36. How many soldiers did ANZAC have?

37. What shoes did they wear? Rory & Nathan

38. Did they get any entertainment?

39. Where else they went to fight? Jordan & Memphis

40. Who gave them the equipment? Rory & Nathan

41. Did people kill others in their own team?

42. How many people came out alive? Damian & Rylee

43. What happens if you didnt follow the rules?

44. What happened if the soldiers refused to go to war? Abi & Bella

45. How many vehicles did they have?

46. How did the war stop?

47. Who won the war?

48. Did they have snipers?

49. What does it feel like to shoot someone?

50. How far away were the ANZACs from other the other countries? Gracie & Te Kura

51. What was life like in the trenches?