Six minutes English: Coffee addict


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Six minutes English: Coffee addict by Mind Map: Six minutes English: Coffee addict

1. In a magazine : New scientist

1.1. Caffeine = Phychoactive drug

1.1.1. Affect behavior

1.1.2. Affect feeling

1.1.3. Worried not only in the drink The people don't know how caffeine they take. Too much caffeine Imsomnia=We can't sleep Indigestion=pain in your stomach High blood pressure

1.2. Caffeine

1.2.1. In the USA 90 % of the polulation consuming every day

1.2.2. Find in Food Chewing gum Waffles Drink Coka drink Energy drink Tea

2. Finn

2.1. in moderation

2.1.1. = Not too much

2.2. Love the taste

2.3. Love the smell

2.3.1. Like aroma

2.4. Caffeine

2.4.1. Bad effect if he drinks too much

2.4.2. in the drink

2.4.3. Headaches

3. Rob

3.1. He loves coffee

3.1.1. Enjoy by a cup of coffee Indeed

3.2. Coffee addict

3.2.1. Addict= Like to make a particular activity very much and he can't stop this activity Addiction Rob is addict

3.3. love all style of coffee

3.3.1. =Made by differrent ways

3.4. Danger of drinking to much

3.5. Consuming

3.5.1. A other word for drinking

3.6. Like the caffeine

3.6.1. Keeps me awake

3.6.2. Stimulate his brain makes me more alert

3.6.3. Stimulant Stop sleeping

3.6.4. Sometimes lethargic not having any energy

3.7. Have sometime bad effect or good effect after dringing coffee

3.7.1. Mental effect Headaches Feel tired withdrawal symptoms Nasty physical Mental effects The sign for stopping

4. Quiz

4.1. Whish countries drinks the much coffee per person?

4.1.1. all this countries drink lots of coffee Egypt Finland Correct 12 kg of coffee/per person/per year Average is 1.3 kg/per personne in one year Italy

5. Facebook

5.1. A lot responses

5.1.1. Yumeko said Happiest time Bean

5.1.2. Samuele said On cup of good expresso Daily energy

5.1.3. Rasha claimed A cup every day Useful for her health

5.1.4. Ahmed said Love coffee two Be aware Two much coffee

5.2. abstract

5.2.1. Drinking coffee Bad effects Negative effect Good effects

6. Vocubalary

6.1. Addict

6.2. Consuming

6.3. in moderation

6.4. aroma

6.5. caffeine

6.6. Stimulant

6.7. psychoactive drug

6.8. insomnia

6.9. indigestion

6.10. high blood pressure

6.11. lethargic

6.12. withdrawal symptoms