misconceptions about communication disorders

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misconceptions about communication disorders by Mind Map: misconceptions about communication disorders

1. Stuttering

1.1. myth:

1.1.1. people who stutter cannot read

1.1.2. people stutter because they are shy, nervous or self-conscious

1.1.3. cannot finish sentences

1.2. fact:

1.2.1. people who stutter are intelligent

1.2.2. internal monologue is not impaired

1.2.3. people who stutter can hold jobs

2. Austim

2.1. myth:

2.1.1. everyone with autism is a savant

2.1.2. vaccines cause austim

2.1.3. people with autism cannot form relationships

2.2. fact:

2.2.1. many people with autism have very fulfilling relationships, even, marry

2.2.2. autism is a spectrum disorder, therefore ranges of abilities depend on individual

2.2.3. there is no single cause of ASD, there is no evidence of a link from vaccines

3. cultural-lingustic dialects

3.1. myth:

3.1.1. people with different dialects can’t understand each other

3.1.2. languages deteriorate over (die out) time

3.1.3. some languages or dialects are more complex or better than others

3.2. fact:

3.2.1. language changes over time, languages borrow adapt and improve upon previous languages

3.2.2. children learn the language they are exposed to at a relatively similar rate

3.2.3. there is no evidence that one language is superior over another