Factors affecting growth

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Factors affecting growth by Mind Map: Factors affecting growth

1. basics needs

1.1. resources need to survie

1.1.1. Water what affects waters availability quailtiy quantity

1.1.2. Habitat who decides what land is used for competition for space land management by state agencies

1.1.3. Food growth influenced by kinds of space available to grow producers availability of water fertilizers and herbicides Biodiversity

2. limiting factors

2.1. Carrying capacity

2.1.1. community size births selection for types of offspring can help give preference to certain genes deaths predators/hunting

2.1.2. diversity of ecosystem more options available for food chain stability plants varity insect varity niche organisms

2.2. disease

2.2.1. can decrease population limit food chain stabiliy protection or susceptibility can be based on genetics cavendish banana potato famine pesticide resistant bugs

2.3. major catastrophe

2.3.1. flooding destroying food and habitat

2.3.2. density independent