sections of the article

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sections of the article by Mind Map: sections of the article

1. Effective teacher

1.1. The effective teacher must be a leader who can inspire and influence students through expert and referent power but never coercive power.

1.2. . He also has high standards and expectations coexisting with encouragement, support, and flexibility.

1.3. This teacher has students who surpass him. The effective teacher is a provocateur who probes, prods, asks incessant why questions, poses problems, throws curves, plays "devil's advocate",and stimulates frustration and conflict all in an attempt to "bust bubbles and plant seeds ..

2. Bad teacher

2.1. role makes the scientific material memorized and dumped on the exam paper without any evaluation of his behavior

2.2. The role of the bad teacher in the classroom is limited to indoctrination as he explains only the information in the curriculum without projecting how to benefit from this information in contemporary life

2.3. Where he deals with the student as a recipient of information only and does not participate in extracting it or searching for it

2.4. This leads to the marginalization of the student’s role in the educational process.

3. Good teacher

3.1. ‏Teachers can be loving, involved, and caring.

3.2. ‏ A good teacher should make her students excited to come to school each day.

3.3. ‏A good teacher should respect her students, make them feel comfortable i

3.4. ‏ A good teacher will make their students comfortabls

3.5. ‏A teacher should never discipline the students to the point to where they are afraid of her.