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Tunisia SCD by Mind Map: Tunisia SCD

1. Unmet aspirations and opportunities

1.1. Limited capacity to create jobs for graduates

1.2. Low structural transformation of Tunisian Economy

1.3. Economic convergence between leading and lagging areas declined

1.4. High reliability on Fiscal Expansion and expiration of this model

2. Increased Exclusion and Vulnerability

2.1. Concentration of Poverty in Lagging areas

2.2. Convergence of Poverty and Vulnerability in Lagging areas, secondary cities and informal Settlements around Tunis

2.3. Declining quality of services especially in Lagging areas

2.4. Lack of livability and attraction of secondary cities

3. COVID-19 Crisis

3.1. Aggravating symptoms

3.2. Deepening the root causes

4. So what do we want?

4.1. Boosting the economy and job creation

4.2. Tackling lagginess and exclusion chronic matter

5. Political fragmentation and Instability

6. HOW?

6.1. Increasing State Capability to respond to Citizen aspiration

6.2. Reinvigorating Productivity Led Growth

6.3. Pivoting to Private-led growth in lagging areas

6.4. Improving Education and Skills Development

6.5. Closing the service Gap in Lagging areas

6.6. Boosting Secondary Cities' attractivity

7. BUT ... The Fundamentals need to be met

7.1. Building a shared vision for Tunisia's socio-economic transition

7.2. Pivoting toward a more stable and inclusive political settlement

8. And we can do it DIFFERENTLY


8.2. Climate sensitive and Green Growth