Content questionaire

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Content questionaire by Mind Map: Content questionaire

1. Title

1.1. Is the post title click worthy?

1.2. Is the title short and punchy?

2. Topic

2.1. Is the topic genuinely interesting?

2.2. Does it connect with the client's site?

2.3. Does it connect with the blog it's going to be posted on?

3. Content

3.1. Introduction

3.1.1. Does it entice to read more? Does it make a promise?

3.2. Sub headings

3.2.1. Do they break the content into clear sections?

3.2.2. Do they make content scanning easier?

3.2.3. Do they make you want to read the paragraphs bellow?

3.3. Paragraphs

3.3.1. Are they short enough?

3.3.2. Is the formating engaging?

3.3.3. Is the text justified?

3.4. Conclusion

3.4.1. Does it bring something new to the table?

3.4.2. Does it summarise the main arguments?

3.4.3. Is the opening engaging enough?

3.4.4. Does it make people think and debate about the topic?

3.4.5. Is there a call to action?

4. General

4.1. Engagement

4.1.1. Does the article answer a question?

4.2. Formating

4.2.1. Is the article scannable?

4.3. Media

4.3.1. Images & videos Does it contain any? Are they in phase with the content of the article? Do they look genuine? Is the quality good enough?

4.3.2. Links Does the article link out to relevant sources of content? Do the links look natural? Are they contextual with the current argument?