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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by Mind Map: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Diagnostic Assessment

Autism Diagnostic Interview:done in the home in an inteview style to meet the child and determine parents priorities

Prelinguistic Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule : a tool for the parents to observe specific aspects of the child's behaviour

Childhood Autism Rating Scale : A behaviour rating scale with 15 specific areas that compare a child with autism against one without

Autism Behavior Checklist : Another tool to observe the behaviour of a child suspected of having autism, not necessarily as accurate as the Childhoodo Austim Rating Scale (CARS)

Real Life Rating Scale: used to assess the effects of treatment on 47 behaviors in the motor, social, affective, language, and sensory domains among autistic persons.

Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning: Used to start planning for children with ASD; examines skills in sensory, relating, body concept, language, social self-help.Each of these areas are also examined along with interaction skills, communication, learning rate and educational level.

Developmental Assessment

Psychoeducational Profile-Revised :An inventory of behaviors and skills designed to identify uneven learning patterns

Developmental Play Assessment Instrument: A tool used to assess the play development of children with disabilities relative to their play

Brigance Inventory of Early Development : A tool to determine instructional strategies, how to plan for instructional outcomes and assess and track those outcomes. Some areas it assess are: general knowledge and comprehension, speech and language, preacademics, self-help, and psychomotor skills.

Adaptive Assessment

Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales: An interview conducted with those supporting a child with ASD and measures some of the following: communication, daily living skills, socialization, motor skills, and maladaptive behaviors

Other Assessment Areas

Communcation Assessment

Infant/Toddler Assessment

Standardized Test of Intelligence

Tests of NonVernal Intelligence

Academic Screening

Behaviour Assessment

Family Assessment

Medical Examination