Nitin Sethi

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Nitin Sethi by Mind Map: Nitin Sethi


1.1. Outline three 'Thriving in the Knowledge Economy' recommendations for your organisation that you would present to your boss and colleagues based on what you have learned and how you will apply it.

1.2. 1. Brain Smart ways

1.2.1. Detail

1.3. 2. Pictorial Representations in Slides

1.3.1. Detail

1.4. 3. Importance of Breaks

1.4.1. Detail

1.5. Make a list of your colleagues who would benefit from learning what you've learned.

1.5.1. Wasi

1.5.2. Vijetha,Kali,Anand

2. BBT

2.1. Attach your workfiles and notes to secure your working materials

2.2. Who we are mind map

2.3. Day 1 Homework

2.4. Day 1 review

2.5. Day 2 Homework

2.6. Day 2 review

2.7. Happiness Mindmap

2.8. Effective reading rate scores

2.9. Any additional notes you may want to add for yourself


3.1. What are your key ideas, practices, techniques and skills that you have learned?

3.2. Information Overload

3.3. Multitasking

3.4. Human Brain

3.5. Mind Mapping

3.6. Memory

3.7. Focus

3.8. Effective Reading

3.9. Goals

3.10. Motivation



4.1.1. List up to seven goals for applying what you've learned to your professional and personal life

4.1.2. 1. Skilling up Detail

4.1.3. 2. Learn to work Smart Detail

4.1.4. 3. Health Management Detail

4.1.5. 4. Takng care of others Detail

4.1.6. 5. Lunch and Learn Detail

4.1.7. 6. Sharing of Knowledge Detail

4.1.8. 7. Being a Student Detail

4.2. To move Ahead in life and make a positive impact in others lifr also

4.2.1. AUTONOMY How will you make these goals your own? Detail

4.2.2. MASTERY Constant Reminders to self and creating an environment like such in and around me Detail

4.2.3. PURPOSE Making a positive impact in others people life Detail