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Vision by Mind Map: Vision

1. Goal

1.1. When

1.1.1. By when does the business wants to achieve its goal (the envisioned state) 2 years? 5 years ?...

1.2. How/ How much

1.2.1. What the business wants to achieve? It can be in the forms of turn over, profits market, position, quality level, service standards, number of customers etc.

2. Clarity

2.1. Not vague

2.1.1. In clear terms. Without superlatives and clearly understandable.

2.2. Specific

2.2.1. In specific terms. 30% market share, 1000 customers etc.

3. Support

3.1. Mission

3.2. Feasible

3.2.1. It should be achievable

3.3. Resources

3.3.1. Necessary infrastructure and resources must be available or obtainable.