Approaches to classroom investigation in teaching.

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Approaches to classroom investigation in teaching. by Mind Map: Approaches to classroom investigation in teaching.

1. Teaching journals.

1.1. 1. later reflexion. 2. serves as a discovery process.

1.2. Written response to teaching events.

1.3. It can be in written or even in audio.

2. Lesson reports.

2.1. Following procedures are recommended: 1. Identify the aim of the couse, teaching act, procedures and resources. 2. Prepare a lesson report form. 3. Use it thoughout the course. 4. Review it with the other teachers.

2.2. Structure inventory list of the features of the lesson.

2.3. It is mainly used for a record so the teacher can monitor her teaching.

2.4. To be effective it should be done by group of teachers.

3. Surveys and questionaires.

3.1. Investigating your teaching and learning through carrying out srveys and giving a questionnaire.

4. Audio and video recording.

4.1. Procedure for recording the lessons.

4.2. Disadvantages.

4.2.1. 1. subjective impressions.

4.2.2. 2.disruptives recording devices.

4.3. Advantages

4.3.1. 1. easy to carry out (both)

4.3.2. 2. the audio record allows choice of who to focus on.

5. Observation.

5.1. Visiting a class to observe.

5.2. It is suggested as a way of gatthering info about teaching.

6. Action research.

6.1. The teacher investigates in her classroom.

6.2. Research project: 1. Planning 2. Action 3. Observation 4. Reflection