Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology (RAAT)

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Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology (RAAT) by Mind Map: Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology (RAAT)

1. Step One: Referral for Assistive Technology Assessment -School receives referral from source (another school, teacher, family member, doctor, or other professional). -After referral is made a team meets to consider request and asses all data.

1.1. Topics Team will want to cover -Student Data or personal information -Medical Data for vital concerns -Vision and hearing reports -Information about any technology or equipment currently in use. -background information regarding any related sergices provided previously for the student.

2. Step Three: The individualized Education Program (IEP) Team -Team selects and implements AT for students based off of the information gathered and presented by the AT specialist. -Consideres students learning goals and effectiveness of AT ability to help students access the curriculum. -Consideres training needs for students -considers training needs for people assisting students. -Research AT devices. Conduct trials on AT devices.

3. Step Two: Conducting an Assistive Technology Assessment -Assessments use information gained through student records and formal and informal observations. - Conducted by AT specialists with aid of the referring team. -Observations consider cognitive skills, use of AT devices, sensory skills, motor skills communication and social skills. -family assessments done to asses younger students. - Use interviews to obtain information about specific areas of interest. -Information assembles and presented to IEP team.

4. Step Four: Implementation of the Assistive Technology Device. -Parents teachers and students receive support form IEP team and service personnel. -Service personnel include AT specialists, speech therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist. -Special education teachers help students and support them so they can succeed.