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Zend loader require mod_php to be _non_ thread-safe by Mind Map: Zend loader require mod_php
to be _non_ thread-safe
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Zend loader require mod_php to be _non_ thread-safe

Apache/PHP configuration

Worker MPM

PHP, 5.3 mod_php, thread_safe, --> zend loader is broken, fixed by building mod php non-thread-safe - this in turn, breaks whole mod_php in Apache worker mode, 5.2 mod_php, CGI, non thread-safe, zend_extension="/hsphere/shared/php-accelerators/ioncube/ \", breaks with error "undefined symbol: core_globals_id", FastCGI

Prefork MPM

PHP, mod_php, non thread safe, Zend Guard Loader is happy, php CGI, php FastCGI

How to build





php thread safe + worker = OK

php thread safe + prefork = OK

php non-thread-safe + worker = FAIL, --> because of that, mod_php is always built thread-safe

flavors of php binaries

4, php4-2/bin/, php-cli, origin?, usage?, php4/bin/, php, php-cgi, php-cli

5, php5-2/bin/, php-cli, origin, line167: mv ${PREFIX}/bin/php ${PREFIX}/bin/php-cli, usage, commented out: usitebuilder: line 348: # phpcli_path=/hsphere/shared/php5-2/bin/php-cli, php5/bin/, php, origin, line 9: ln -s php-cli ${PREFIX}/bin/php, usage, php-cgi, line 22: ln -d php-cgi php, php-cli, origin, line167: mv ${PREFIX}/bin/php ${PREFIX}/bin/php-cli

5.3, php53-2/bin/, php-cli, usage, php-cli -n /hsphere/shared/php53/lint/php_ini_set.php



build mod_php thread-safe

make zend loader loaded only in CGI, FastCGI modes

--> zend loader is not available with mod_php


build mod_php in two versions: thread-safe, non-thread-safe

zend loader can be used with mod_php and apache in prefork mode



script execution, env_prepare, [ w httpd.conf.startup ], set_hssettings, [r] /hsphere/shared/scripts/scripts.cfg, [rw /tmp/php_ini_values], /hsphere/shared/php4/lint/php_ini_set.php, [w httpd${j}/php${i}/php.ini], usemodule, [ w httpd.conf.startup ], [ w httpd.conf.startup.tmp ], [ w httpd.conf.startup.orig ], usemodule.phpmode, [w httpd2/macro/php*.macro], httpd.conf.tmpl, httpd.conf.startup

hsphere-php53-plugins/, php53/php.d/, [w /hsphere/local/config/httpd/php53/php.d/*.ini], [w /hsphere/local/config/httpd2/php53/php.d/*.ini], lint/php_ini_set.php, [ r php.ini.tmpl.custom ], [rw php.ini]

config files


common directory names

scripts, /hsphere/local/config/scripts/

config files, /hsphere/local/config/