Dana Parker ENGL 307

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Dana Parker ENGL 307 by Mind Map: Dana Parker ENGL 307

1. Curiosity

1.1. Annotated Bibliography - Research allowed for a deeper understanding of P#2 topic and found answers to questions we were unsure about

1.2. DD9 HW3 Research Cultural Communication - learning more about communication and language barriers across

2. Openness

2.1. Project #2 Proposal - considering a new way of thinking about global expansion and communication with non-native English Speakers

3. Engagement

3.1. DD3 HW2 Develop Professional Criteria - engaging with examples of FAQ documents to spark creativity for our own

4. Creativity

4.1. Digital Professional Brand Portion of P1 - Allowed me to creatively represent (mind map) the elements to be included on a professional website/portfolio

4.2. Creative Resume - Creative design elements, font, and colors

5. Peresistence

5.1. Project 1 - making revisions from peer reviews and editing to produce a polished final project

6. Responsibility

6.1. DD 10 HW1 Team Charter - outlined the responsibilities for each member of the team for the project and set team goals that would not be achieved without each person completing their work

7. Flexibility

7.1. Working as a group for P#2 - Flexibility in scheduling team meetings, flexibility in due dates

8. Metacognition

8.1. P#1 Reflection Memo

8.1.1. Allowed for reflection on the project, what we learned about ourselves as writers and what we would like to continue working on

8.2. P#2 Reflection Packet