Ken Betwa Link Project

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Ken Betwa Link Project by Mind Map: Ken Betwa Link Project

1. Why in news

1.1. MOU signed between

1.1.1. Jail Shakti Ministry and CM of Madhya Pradesh CM of Uttar Pradesh

1.1.2. Signed on March 22 World Water Day

1.1.3. Aim To implement the Ken Betwa Link Project

2. What is it ?

2.1. project to interlink Ken and Betwa Rivers

2.1.1. Ken and Betwa tributaries of Yamuna Both originate in Madhya Pradesh Ken meets Yamuna In the Banda district of UP Ken meets Betwa in the Hamirpur district of UP Ken passes through Panna tiger reserve Dams over Betwa rivers Matatila Rajghat Paricha

2.1.2. Water from Ken river will be transferred to Betwa river

3. First project under the National Perspective Plan

3.1. National Perspective Plan

3.1.1. Envisaged inter basin water transfer in the country

3.1.2. 2 components Himalayan rivers development Peninsular rivers development

3.1.3. based on it 30 river links were identified By the National Water Development agency 16 peninsular components ken Betwa is a part of it 14 Himalayan rivers component

4. What are the benefits

4.1. Water for Irrigation

4.1.1. Annual irrigation of 10.62 lakh hectars

4.2. Water for Drinking supply

4.2.1. 62 lakh people can benefit

4.3. Hydropower

4.3.1. 103 MW of hydropower can be generated

4.4. Helps drought prone region of Bundelkhand

4.4.1. Spreads to 13 districts of MP and UP Madhya Pradesh districts Panna Tikamgarh Chattarpur Sagar Damoh Datia Vidisha Shivpuri Raisen Uttar Pradesh Banda Mahoba Jhansi Lalitpur

5. previous cases of interlinking of rivers

5.1. Periyar project

5.1.1. Transfer of water from Periyar to Vaigai Basin

5.1.2. 1895

5.2. parambikulam Aliyar

5.3. Kurnool Cuddapah canal

5.4. Telugu Ganga project

5.5. Ravi Beas Sutlej