Aliens Conspiracy

This conspiracy is true!!

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Aliens Conspiracy by Mind Map: Aliens Conspiracy

1. Aliens can be said like Alliance

1.1. Government in an alliance with Extra Terrestrial Species

1.1.1. Aliens are called aliens because of the alliance Anyone who deciphers this code is mind wiped or enlisted on to the MIB Alien race called Jukans from the planet Danton Highly intelligent, they flew to Earth in hope of finding rescue from an evil empire About the same size as humans but lighter Face is where the human torso is

1.2. Area 51 is the headquarters of the MIB

1.2.1. MIB found ETS (Extra Terrestrial Species) in this landnand made it top secret that only the government knows about

1.2.2. Named Area 51 because they want it to be the 51st state of America, where ETS can walk around freely First space port will be here, decoy in Dubai so terrorists will strike there instead of in Area 51