Existing Home Upgrade

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Existing Home Upgrade by Mind Map: Existing Home Upgrade

1. Step 1. Building Fabric

1.1. A) Attic Insulation

1.1.1. Attic / Flat Access to Water Tank Insulated Attic Hatch Insulated

1.1.2. Sloped Roof

1.1.3. Flat Roof

1.2. B) Wall Insulation

1.2.1. External Wall Insulation

1.2.2. Internal Wall Insulation Health Risks

1.2.3. Pumped Cavity Insulation Suitable for your home?

1.3. C) Existing Windows

1.3.1. Upgrade single glazing within window frame

1.3.2. Install new double glazed windows

1.3.3. Install new triple glazed windows

1.4. D) Floor Insulation

1.4.1. Concrete Floor Add insulation above floor level

1.4.2. Suspended Floor Add insulation below floor level

2. Step 3. Heating System

2.1. Existing Heating Controls

2.1.1. Timed Heating separate from Timed Hot Water?

2.1.2. Add standard heating controls

2.1.3. Add advanced heating controls

2.2. Existing Boiler Age & Efficiency

2.2.1. Condensing Oil Boilers

2.2.2. Condensing Gas Boilers

3. Step 4. Renewables

3.1. Solar Panels for hot water and heating

3.1.1. Sized to suit the total floor area of your home

3.2. Pellet Stoves

3.2.1. Room Heater Only

3.2.2. Room Heater and Hot Water

3.3. Pellet Boilers (Replace Oil or Gas)

3.3.1. Pellet Storage

3.4. Heat Pumps

3.4.1. Geothermal Heat Pumps

3.4.2. Air to Water Heat Pumps

3.4.3. Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

3.4.4. Low Temperature Radiators required

4. Step 2. Existing Ventilation?

4.1. Add Permanent Ventilation

4.2. Add Heat Recovery Ventilation

5. SEAI Grants

6. Additional Subsidies Available for Multiple Upgrades