Consequences of the First World War

Daniel Bashirov, Consequences of WW1 Mind Map

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Consequences of the First World War by Mind Map: Consequences of the First World War

1. Social

1.1. control over citizens broadened

1.1.1. Espionage Act and Sedition acts in US

1.1.2. Surveillance in Russia

1.1.3. massive governmental propaganda in Britain

1.2. women rights

1.2.1. became able to work on white-collar jobs after the war

1.2.2. still had lower wages

1.2.3. 19th Amendment, women suffrage, is granted in US

1.2.4. enfranchised in 1944 in France

1.3. casualties

1.3.1. 12,200,000 for Central Powers, 17,160,000 for Allies

2. economic

2.1. United States

2.1.1. US did not spend too much on the war, it was rather benefited in the long-run by the further employment of women, as the amount of qualified workers increase

2.2. France

2.2.1. government in deficit as internal infrastructure destroyed by the war

2.3. Russia

2.3.1. system of communism cruelly fights its opponents, millions are killed and starved. Workers become unmotivated to work

2.4. Germany

2.4.1. Hyperinflation and crisis due to the loss of the war. Nation stagnant, citizen quality of life significantly decreased

2.5. Hungary

2.5.1. Hyperinflation, supply does not meet demand

3. Political

3.1. Skyes Picot Agreement

3.1.1. Arab territories previously belonged to Ottomans are split between Britain and France

3.2. Treaty of Trianon

3.2.1. sanctions dismemberment of Hungary

3.3. Treaty of Versailles

3.3.1. African colonies taken from Germany Return of French territories Cap of German military cession of Eupen-Malmedy

3.4. Treaty of St. German

3.4.1. official end of WW1 in Austria-Hungary

3.5. Germany

3.5.1. becomes a republic

3.6. Italy

3.6.1. denied land + dictatorship

3.7. Central Powered Europe

3.7.1. Austria-Hungary split, new republics formed