Raw Dawg Campaign

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Raw Dawg Campaign by Mind Map: Raw Dawg Campaign

1. K9 Kravings Mobile App

1.1. Subscriptions

1.1.1. Contracts are no longer a way to keep customers with a company

1.1.2. With subscriptions, K9 Kravings could lead to brand loyalty for customers

1.1.3. Can also lead to an increase in revenue for the company.

1.2. Promo codes

1.2.1. Promotional discounts can prompt customers to purchase more items

1.2.2. These promo codes could also be used on college campuses.

1.2.3. Can be sent out in newsletters or emails - Increases facetime with customers.

1.3. Giveaways

1.3.1. People love free stuff!

1.3.2. Could be charitable donations to dog shelters in the country.

1.3.3. Customers can subscribe and join competitions for free giveaways.

2. Raw Kravings Game

2.1. Website

2.1.1. Game will be on a banner at the top of the website.

2.1.2. Gets customers on the website looking around.

2.1.3. Could also lead to customers downloading mobile app.

2.2. Educational

2.2.1. Game would be an educational game teaching players about proper dog nutrition.

2.2.2. Could be good advertisement to push K9 Kravings into college campuses.

2.2.3. Can lead to word of mouth advertisement as a result of students letting other dog owners know about proper nutrition which leads to more talk about K9 Kravings.

2.3. Incentives

2.3.1. At the end of the game players can win discounts.

2.3.2. Knowledge can also be viewed as an incentive.

2.3.3. Promo codes, giveaways, discounts and more.

3. Comfort Food for Comfort Pets

3.1. Emotional Support Dogs

3.1.1. There has been an influx in emotional support pets on college campuses across the country in previous years.

3.1.2. These pets provide therapeutic relief for their owners.

3.1.3. Alfred University has many students with emotional support animals.

3.2. College Campuses

3.2.1. College can be stressful at times and students often relieve that stress with their pets.

3.2.2. Branching out to campuses can provide K9 Kravings with a new market that they did not previously have

3.2.3. Could also educate college students on proper nutrition for their dogs.

3.3. Sponsorship

3.3.1. K9 Kravings could be announced as a sponsor during sporting events for recognition.

3.3.2. Students could potentially receive discounts which could prompt more purchases from students.

3.3.3. K9 Kravings could potentially host informative events at the university.