Conceptions of Disability in Society

Soc313 MindMap

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Conceptions of Disability in Society by Mind Map: Conceptions of Disability in Society

1. Physical Impairments

1.1. Paraplegic

1.2. Missing Limbs

2. Sensory Impairments

2.1. Vision Loss

2.2. Hearing Loss

3. Accessibility

3.1. Transcripts and Closed Captioning

3.2. Wheel Chair Accessibility

3.3. Bright Colour Contrast

4. Mental Impairments

4.1. PTSD

4.2. Anxiety, Depression, Panic Disorders

4.3. Brain Injuries (TBIs), Concussions, Tumours

5. Societal Misconceptions

5.1. The need to "fix" disabiliities

5.2. They are "different" and not "normal"

5.3. Tiptoeing around them and treating them like something is wrong

6. In the Education System

6.1. Teacher's Aids

6.2. Tramble Rooms

6.3. Accessible buildings, classrooms, desks

7. Disadvantages in Society

7.1. Unable to work/less job opportunities meaning less income for them

7.2. Treated differently making it harder to maintain true relationships and friendships

7.3. Some disabilities mean you can't drive making day to day transportation almost impossible

7.4. Feelings of loneliness and isolation

7.5. Feeling like you need to "fix" yourself to be accepted and treated like everyone else

8. Hospital and Medicine

8.1. Receiving Diagnosis to be able to understand what is going on with you

8.2. Hospitals jump to treating certain issues, push medications, and try to "fix" a disability

8.3. Some disabilities do not have a cure; could lead patients to feel trapped and hopeless

8.4. Medicine and treatments can be expensive and it is difficult for them to get jobs making payment difficult at times

9. Personal Experience and Disability

9.1. My nanny can't work because of her fibromyalgia but has struggled to be on disability because it is still not a recognized disability

9.2. My grandpa was pinched by a lobster at work which led to an infection and losing function in his hand and has been unable to work since

9.3. My best friends dad was involved in a work accident where he lost his vision and has been unable to work since

9.4. I was diagnosed with severe generalized anxiety disorder last summer and was unable to work due to doctors orders but was not able to receive disability pay

9.5. My mom has arthritis and was unable to work for many years due to it and it wasn't until about 12 years ago that she found a treatment that worked allowing her to return to the workforce

10. Government

10.1. Child Disability Benefit

10.1.1. tax-free money for families that are caring for a child under 18 with a disability

10.2. Canadian Pension Plan disability benefit

10.2.1. if you are under the age of 65 and have made enough contribution into CPP and have a mental or physical disability that regularly stops you from doing any type of substantially gainful work you can qualify for government money monthly

10.3. Excise Gasoline Tax Refund

10.3.1. if you are unable to safely use public transportation and have to make a lot of medical trips you can apply for a refund on gas you buy

10.4. Education Funding

10.4.1. receive student loans refunds, financial assistance, grants and more if you have a permanent disability

10.5. Accessible Parking

10.5.1. if you have a disability that prevents you from being able to walk long distance or are wheelchair bound you can receive an accessible parking pass