Analysed Platforms Features

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Analysed Platforms Features by Mind Map: Analysed Platforms Features

1. Common

1.1. Highlighting

1.2. Taking Notes

1.3. Bookmarking

1.4. Search Options

2. Remarkable

2.1. iBooks

2.1.1. True multimedia textbooks

2.1.2. Interactive content

2.2. iBooks Author

2.2.1. Easy to use

2.2.2. Drag-and-drop

2.2.3. Wigdet-driven interactive objects

2.2.4. Custom interactive objects HTML5 JavaScript

3. Usefull

3.1. the “asterisk” to mark relevant passages, and “questions” tags to question instructors about

3.2. “snap summary” function that condenses notes and highlights into one place for further viewing and printing, with filter options, intended to perform like a study guide

3.3. embedding Google Docs third-party application

3.4. instant messaging application

3.5. sharing highlights with students

3.6. zooming without losing quality

3.7. “following” friends and teachers

3.8. read-aloud text to voice synchronization

3.9. social network interaction share with social networks like Facebook and Twitter

3.10. study guides with quizzes and chapter/lessons reviews

3.11. live chat with class or e-mail embed feature to contact instructors

3.12. collaborative study groups

3.13. flashcards/study cards

3.14. search results organized by page order or instances per page (suggesting the more instances on each page, more relevant search results)

3.15. “dual book view” (comparison mode)