Cohesion: union and solidarity

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Cohesion: union and solidarity by Mind Map: Cohesion: union and solidarity

1. Collective identity

1.1. Is the conscious of belonging to one or various social groups.

1.2. People establish a emotional bonds to these groups

1.3. National identity

1.3.1. Make us feel a part of Mexico and groups us with millions of people Makes possible the social cohesion When social cohesion is based in competing This feeling of unity with other people can be seen in many everyday moments

1.3.2. Share a language, history and symbols that represent us.

2. Inclusion

2.1. Attitudes or actions that seek to include people without distinction to participate in complete way

2.2. No type of discrimination in all aspects of social life.

2.2.1. How are people are excluded Didn't allow them participate or not taking account their opinion They are denied their rights or attention and so is difference denied Appearance causes distinction that can prevent them entry to certain public places Some are cause of shame and we hide them For different reasons they are considered a risk to others

3. Solidarity

3.1. Making actions of support and protection

3.1.1. in situations of risk, disadvantages or any other reason that requires help

3.1.2. Solidarity is expressed in emergency situations as catastrophes and social conflict

3.1.3. Kórima Every member of every member in this community to solicit the help of its town

3.1.4. Tequio Mostly men that are of age participe to perform agricultural activities, build other people's house, etc.That will help improve or perseve community

4. Cooperation

4.1. mean working together, performing:

4.2. Tasks, define common goals, design strategies and distribute responsibilities equitably

4.3. Is the contrary to competing