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Aguascalientes by Mind Map: Aguascalientes

1. Manufacturing industry

1.1. Example: Metal production, mechanical production, automotive industry, refrigeration industry.

1.1.1. Casting processes emit the most of greenhouse gases

1.1.2. Manufacturing processes as automotive or refrigeration emit greenhouse gases in less quantity due to the level of control they have.

1.2. Represent a 20% of gas emissions

2. Farming Industry

2.1. Example:Agricultural industry

2.2. Represent a 10% of air pollution

3. Service industry

3.1. Example: Commerce, financial services, education, health services, public service, utilities, etc.

4. Transport

4.1. Represents a 70% of gas emissions

4.2. Types: Car, Taxi, Bicycle, Walking, Bus, Collective transport, Trucks, etc.

4.3. Fuel: petroleum gasoline and diesel.

5. Air Quality control

5.1. There are only 4 control stations working in the state

5.1.1. Center(CEN)

5.1.2. Education institute(IED)

5.1.3. "Secretaría de Medio Ambiente"(SMA)

5.1.4. "Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de Servicios"(CBTIS)

5.2. The most particles found in air are from dust caused by fires, construction areas and transports.

5.3. The highest levels of PM2.5 were on SMA

5.4. Longest period of days with excess of the law limit per day of PM10 was also on SMA

5.5. Highest levels of PM10 daily and annually was on IED

5.6. Referring O3, 59 days were marked with good quality and 44 days with regular quality

5.7. CO, NO2 and SO2 levels were always marked as appropriate levels

6. Population

6.1. 254 people by square km(2020)