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1. What is sustainable learning (SL)?

1.1. life long learning

1.2. education towards a more sustainable world: realizing the urgency of climate change and learn about clean energy, protection of ecosystems, reduction of pollution (...)

1.3. education towards solidarity: learning about inequalities, poverty, sustainable economic growth, peace (...)

1.4. critical think, media competence, ambiguity tolerance, competence of discussion

1.5. showing that learning is not only about factual knowledge that can be assessed in tests

2. How can SL be installed in the classroom?

2.1. put the student in the position of analyzing by themselfs

2.2. encourage students to articulate their opinion and discuss

2.3. work interdisciplinary in order to show that one topic like climate change etc. is very multidimensional and needs to be addressed from various viewpoints

2.4. showing students the worth of agriculture by engaging in a school garden

2.5. after discussing pollution going through town / school and throwing litter in trash boxes

2.6. present problems that need to be solved as team

3. How are LLL and sustainability interconnected?

3.1. language is a link between cultures and borders, just as nature and global problems are. A shared language is the base for dealing with global problems.

3.2. The students realize the importance of English as a global language.

4. What are the main tasks of a sustainability manager?

4.1. encouraging students to form their own opinion (Beutelsbacher Konsens)

4.2. putting the students in the situation of self-induced learning

4.3. value the ideas and interests of the students to show them that they are the creators of their learning process. Respect and value their individuality.

4.4. showing students that life is not only about grades and academics

4.5. confronting them with our own responsibility towards sustainability by discussing food waste, recycling, energy consumption, changing travelling habits, reducing plastic waste and so without making them feel guilty of course

5. What ideas for changing practice will you try to apply as sustainability manager at school?

5.1. be a good role model

5.2. try to improve already existing conditions

5.3. encourage a hands-on approach in order to create a multi-dimensional learning environment. While one students likes to learn about plants in the classroom another might like to set up a school garden

5.4. pointing out the sustainability of the school itself. Could we integrate students with immigration background more? I am thinking about german tutoring by students for students. But also checking if the school is solar powered, if not would that be an option? ...

5.5. value the students opinions, let them form their own opinion, let them create something out of their own ideas and mindsets