La educación prohibida documentary

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La educación prohibida documentary by Mind Map: La educación prohibida documentary

1. Industrial education

1.1. -Based on contents. -Teacher is the center. -Unflexible assesements. -Passive learners. -Unmotivated students. -Lack of differentiated teaching. -Block creativity and critical thinking.

2. Agricultural education

2.1. -Involve parents. -Students choose their path. -Problem solving. -Flexible curriculum. -Students needs and interests. -Concrete material. -Variety of assessments, based in children's development. -Assemblies for cooperative learning. -Teachers as a guide. -Involve parents in the learning communities. -Care for students.

3. Classroom Strategies

3.1. -Collaborative work. -Use concrete material. -Implement different stations to develop different skills. -Use problem based learning. -Implement topics of students interests. -Support and motivate teachers. -Friendly environment, built with students. -Students and teachers establish classroom rules cooperatively.

4. Revolution vs reform

4.1. -Teacher's vocation and passion. -Teacher's motivation $. -Requires a profound change: not only in schools but in the Ministry of Education. -Teacher training = necessary. -Open-minded attitude. -Limited number of students per classroom = personalized teaching.