Disciplines and Genres Graphic Organizer

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Disciplines and Genres Graphic Organizer by Mind Map: Disciplines and Genres Graphic Organizer

1. Video Games

1.1. Simulation: Re-creation of the real world in a controlled environment

1.1.1. to entertain or train

1.2. Strategy: Autonomous decision making skills

1.2.1. faster information processing under stress

1.3. Action: Setting a simple goal to complete the game

1.3.1. to challenge and entertain

2. Social Media

2.1. Facebook: Staying connected with friends and family

2.1.1. staying in touch and to entertain

2.2. LinkedIn: Display resume and search for jobs

2.2.1. Professional networking and career development

2.3. Twitter: 'Microblogging' system

2.3.1. Promote your work and share idea with large audience

3. Music

3.1. Hip-Hop: Gives a voice to people and their life experiences

3.1.1. to entertain and inform

3.2. Classical: Intellectual purpose

3.2.1. stimulates emotion and cognitive abilities

3.3. EDM (Electronic Dance Music): social function of dancing

3.3.1. stimulating and entertaining