Nova Peris-Kneebone

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Nova Peris-Kneebone by Mind Map: Nova Peris-Kneebone

1. Author

2. Artist

3. How did Peris Kneebone impact on our lives?

3.1. She has shown that through bad experience, good outcomes can happen. Her family history is tied up in the stolen generation and as a result, she has fought hard as an Aboriginal Activist to ensure equality is provided for all.

3.2. She has experienced hardship and walked away as a better person who can share her experiences to help other people who are in the same situation as she was, especially in an abusive marriage and what it was like being part of the stolen generation

4. Why is Peris Kneebone relevant to us today?

4.1. Peris Kneebone shows us that dreams can come true no matter what stage of life you are in.

4.2. She shows that determination and goal setting can lead to major achievements

4.3. She is a child of the stolen generation and has worked hard to find her roots and found her natural parents

4.4. She was in an abusive marriage: her experiences have provided insight in to a tricky world

4.5. She has experienced racism in her sporting career which ended up in arbitration due to being called a 'nigger'

4.6. She has been attacked by who she thought was a friend's husband (a fellow athlete) for winning a gold medal

5. Charity: Peris Enterprises

5.1. Peris Kneebone advocates and promotes an active lifestyle and health checks amongst Indigenous communities

6. A mother

6.1. First child at 19

6.1.1. 4 children and 1 grandchild

6.2. Only one of 3 Australian mothers to win gold at the Olympics

7. Born 25th February 1971

8. Athlete

8.1. Competed in the Olympics in 1996 in the Australian Women's Hockey team

8.1.1. 1996 Received a gold medal

8.1.2. 1998 Won gold medal in 200m and 4 x 100 relay

8.1.3. 2002 Represented Australia in the Sydney Olympics (semifinals)

8.1.4. Won 2 gold medals at the Commonwealth Games

9. Aboriginal Activist

9.1. 1997 Young Australian of the Year

9.2. Treaty Ambassador for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC)

10. References

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