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English by Mind Map: English

1. Time Clauses

1.1. Before/After/When/Until/As soon as/While/Once

1.1.1. You can use this in every moment, you only need two sentences, dont matter the time. The struture is "sentences + time clauses or "Time clauses + "sentence","+ "sentences. The second one dont work for as soon as.

1.1.2. Example: I am going to party when i finish the HW/ When i finish the HW, i am going to the party

2. Tag/Open Questions

2.1. Tag questions is questions that only answer with yes or not while open questions need more information

2.1.1. Example: Do you like the movie? Yes, i do/No, i dont

2.1.2. Example: Why do you like the movie? I like because...

3. Future Plan

3.1. Will

3.1.1. Structure (+) Subject+will+werb (inf)+complemente (-) Subject + will not+ verb inf+ complemente (?) Will + subject + verb inf + complement + ?

3.2. Present Continous

3.2.1. Structure (+) Subject + am/are/is+ verb ing + complement (-) Subject+ am/are/is not + verb ing + complement (?) Am/is/ are+ subjetc+ verb ing + complement +?

3.2.2. It's only works if adds a time like next week, next month, etc.