The Knight

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The Knight by Mind Map: The Knight

1. History

1.1. feudal system

1.1.1. introduced by the Normans

1.1.2. pyramidal structure barons knights villains serfs

2. Culture

2.1. chivalry

2.1.1. loyalty

2.1.2. hommage

2.1.3. scutage

2.1.4. courtly love

3. Legends

3.1. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

3.1.1. literature Thomas Malory, La Morte D'Arthur Sir Gawayne and the Green Knight

3.1.2. cinema King Arthur

4. Text by Chaucer

4.1. contents: idealized description

4.1.1. values

4.1.2. battles, at home and abroad

4.1.3. character and behaviour simile: modest as a maid

4.1.4. equipment fine horses

4.1.5. clothes fustian tunic

4.1.6. intention on pilgrimage to give thanks

4.2. style

4.2.1. noble

4.2.2. serious

4.2.3. admiring

4.2.4. list of battles

4.2.5. idealized a world at its end