The Franklin

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The Franklin by Mind Map: The Franklin

1. Society

1.1. new middle class

1.1.1. merchants

1.1.2. gentry franklin agricultural society local administration

1.1.3. yeomen

2. Public role

2.1. justice of peace

2.2. "member of the shire"

2.2.1. representative in Parliament

2.3. sheriff

2.4. auditor for the crown

3. Text by Chaucer

3.1. description

3.1.1. appearance white beard sanguine and high-coloured

3.1.2. favourite things food and drink morning sop of cake and wine finest bread and finest ale best stock of wine bake meat pies fish and flesh hosting people in his house

3.1.3. clothes and equipment dagger purse girdle

3.2. style

3.2.1. benign

3.2.2. magnificent

3.2.3. no criticism

3.2.4. similes