A Letter To A God

mind map on a letter to god class 10

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A Letter To A God by Mind Map: A Letter To A God

1. Lencho an old farmer, invest his 100 pesos for his farming but his crop is destroyed by snowfall.

2. He demanded 100 pesos from god and wrote a letter and submit it to post office.

3. The worker of post office see that letter and give to post head master and he suggested to collect some money and give it to Lencho to provide help to him .

4. The worker gave money to Lencho and showed like it was given by God

5. The post office wokers were able to contribute 70 pesso , 30 pesso were needed more to lencho

6. when lencho recived the envelope by the post office workers , he thought it was given by the God to him

7. when he open the envelope he found only 70 pesso but he neede 30 pesso more .

8. lencho supected the post office workers he even scolded them said them bad

9. afterwards lencho again wrote letter to god saying that this much money was not sufficent and try sending it directly to me or with the help of other men because the workers of post office were the bunch of crooks