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Gamification by Mind Map: Gamification

1. Problem

1.1. Stickiness of content/course

1.2. Higher rention of customers... or public facing

1.3. Keeping people engaged, moving forward wihtout disappearing

1.4. Different level of community

1.5. Entertainment value

1.6. Keeps you from falling behind

1.7. Two people

1.7.1. business owner

1.7.2. customer stay excited and in the gmae motivation New node

1.7.3. Prospect looking for three things: inform, entertain, belonging. gamification adds edu and belonging get them to take the first steps. get three badges... to get he fourth, you need to sign up

1.8. beginners have ALL these entertainment options. They don't know where to begin. This gives them clear direction.

2. Other solutions

2.1. Forums

2.2. email newsletters

2.3. regular content

2.4. nothing stands out

3. Hot buttons

3.1. it works

3.2. no one is doing it online courses

3.3. Imagine havin gyour brand a daily part of their routine with push notifications ot mobile

3.4. New way of handling 'asension'

3.5. Entertainment added to making them money and changing their business

3.6. Makes learning fun. A game. Learn and you don't know it yet

4. Ideas

4.1. Special things for different levels. Ex Level 25 gets a free event. Like Dan K but different

4.2. Badges/rewards need to be public

4.3. 1000 dedicated fans example for independent musicisans.. .'all you need to do'

4.4. 5 comment son a blog post badge. 100 optins badge. 1st customer badge. launch email list badge.

4.5. Always looking for 'whats the next badge'

4.6. combination of 'next steps' with surprises

4.7. Test a '7 day trial' with gamification to see results

5. Why people drop out

5.1. they don't see their progress

5.2. I didn't have any senes of my progress. I didn't konw how close iw as to reaching my goal

5.3. I don't have the time -> priority

5.4. Financial situation has changed -> priorities

5.4.1. life event has happened

5.4.2. we get the axe before the TV does

5.4.3. School / Finals

5.5. I've fallen way behind and I need to take a break

5.6. Dropout in first 2-4 months on average

5.7. I've already gotten everything I can

5.8. I don't want to wait for more content

5.9. Always use the excuse of "Oh i'll be back when timing is right again."

5.10. Time/Money/Focus are big ones.

5.11. If it was fun enough and they saw progression, they'd continue to make it a priority

6. What would you gain if this problem was solved

6.1. More active community

6.2. More sales

6.3. personally would be really excited as a beginner/consumer

6.4. Customers ahve fun while changing their life

6.5. Stand out in the market since no one is doing it

6.6. Keep on top of mind with prospects. attention si harder and harder to keep. this does it.

6.7. More attention = more traffic, more conversions, more retention or new value. Gamification gets all.

6.7.1. First to market gets traffic + social element of badges

6.7.2. New node

7. Human Needs this addresses

7.1. connection

7.2. belonging

7.3. Community

7.4. recognition

7.5. Entertainment

7.6. achievement

7.6.1. feeling of progress

7.7. status

7.7.1. competition

7.8. Challenge

7.9. Competent

7.10. effectiveness

7.10.1. On your path

7.10.2. Not wasting your time

7.11. participation with something bigger than you

7.12. Play

7.13. companionship

7.14. Support

7.15. Growth and learning

8. Customer Avatars

8.1. <10% goes all the way through

8.2. "I can't be responsible for making sure htey go all the way through"

8.3. Majority -> just felt good pushing hte 'buy button'. That's why they bought. They majority of them do.

8.4. Even if we can make it fun until the refund period... it helps.

8.5. For people who push the button for pleasure, it allows them to have more 'pleasure' experiences while with us.

8.6. 1% become like pat.

8.7. Making their first $1 -> HUGE shift.

9. What are the 'shifts'

9.1. Making first $1 online

9.2. Back against a wall. Just HAVE to do it.

9.3. New node

10. Who are we marketing to

10.1. 3% -> People who are seeking solutions

10.2. People who are experiencing the problem

10.3. People who need convinced of the problem

11. Integration

11.1. Wordpress plugin

11.1.1. imember360

11.1.2. wishlist

11.1.3. s2member

11.2. Taps into WP user DB

11.3. Plugin talks to WP DB and MYSQL to store badges/achievments/etc

11.4. Have badges displayed underneath avatar

11.5. MVP

11.5.1. Define badges different series of badges based on different categories

11.5.2. Metric that springs the badge having been earned How do we make it completely automated?

11.5.3. Progression bar on modules based on what you click on

11.5.4. Notification system for rewards

12. Perfect Path for Prospects

12.1. Titles

12.1.1. Level Up when you complete a module

12.2. Badges

12.2.1. Types of badges Time passing Self reporting on metrics email opt ins blog comments twitter followers Checking boxes to complete X

12.2.2. Automating badges Facebook friends twitter followers posting in forums commenting on their blog

12.3. module 3

12.3.1. instant site launch

12.3.2. register domain name

12.3.3. install wordpress and first post

12.3.4. customizing header/personalizing

12.3.5. New node

13. Functionality

13.1. what are the key metrics people measure to determine their success? where are the shifts that people make exponential growth?

13.2. Dashboard that has all key metrics, links to all modules, comparison against other members, where they're headed next. This guides them through the course and makes it fun

13.3. Dashboard for the experts too so they can see where most people stop or lose progress

13.4. Here's the badge we want

13.5. Here is the image for it

13.6. Here's how people can get it

13.6.1. Time

13.6.2. Check box

13.6.3. Self reporting

14. Interface

14.1. Admin Screen (back end)

14.1.1. Setting up gamification path (Tracks) Badges Functionality Time Self reporting Check box Combination badges Social (version 2.0)

14.2. user dashboard (front end)

14.2.1. Dashboard page List of all categories, milestones and progress List of earned badges and next ones coming "Where you've been and where you're going" Key metrics (enter once per week) v2.0 social comparison