Streaming Data Components

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Streaming Data Components by Mind Map: Streaming Data Components

1. Alerts

1.1. TBD

1.1.1. Databricks

1.1.2. Stream Analytics

2. IoT Hub

2.1. IoT Hub: OnBoardSoftwareIoTHub

2.1.1. SKU Daily Message Quota: 12M Pricing and Scale Tier: S2 - Standard Number of IoT Hub Units: 3 Diagnostic Settings: DEFAULTDIAGNOSTICS Storage Account: dqmiotdiagstore

2.1.2. Consumer Groups $Default a067-v2 dotnet-cg hopperalertsystem iotexplorer onpremlistener servicebusexplorer-cg statustracker

2.1.3. Message Routing Endpoints eventhubs storage Routes DefaultRoute a067-evh-adl-xml-hopper a067-evh-adl-json-pipeline a067-evh-adl-xml-hopper eventhubs storage Message Enrichments n/a

3. Data Path Overview

3.1. App Service: scowservice

3.1.1. SKU P3 - 400 ACU Instances: 1

3.1.2. Function App: obsIoTFunctions Function Name: ScowHttpTrigger IoT Hub: OnBoardSoftwareIoTHub error(s)

3.1.3. error(s) App Service: dqmmessagetracker SQL Server: dqm, Database: DQMAdminDB

3.2. IoT Hub: OnBoardSoftwareIoTHub

3.2.1. HOT PATH Event Hub Namespace: onboardsoftwareeventhub Event Hub: obsJsonEventhubEvent Event Hub: obsScowEventhubEvent Event Hub: obsXmlEventhubEvent

3.2.2. WARM PATH

3.2.3. COLD PATH Blob Storage: dqmjsoniotcapture container: pipeline Blob Storage: dqmxmliotcapture container: hopper Blob Storage: dqmscowiotcapture container: scow

4. Data Providers

4.1. USACE

4.1.1. Hoppers

4.1.2. Pipelines OBS

4.2. 3rd Party

4.2.1. WCF Scows

5. On-Premises Listener

5.1. Windows Service

5.1.1. verbose flag? App Service: dqmmessageracker Azure SQL

5.1.2. Event Hub Namespace: onboardsoftwareeventhub Event Hub: obsJsonEventhubEvent Oracle Event Hub: obsScowEventhubEvent Oracle Event Hub: obsXmlEventhubEvent Oracle