CDN & TIC Vendors

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CDN & TIC Vendors by Mind Map: CDN & TIC Vendors

1. CDN

1.1. Cisco CDS

1.1.1. Customers BT WCC (UK) FT (France) Telecom Italia (Italia) CJ Tving (Korea) KT (Korea)

1.1.2. Resources Cisco Internet Streamer CDS 2.6 Software Configuration Guide Content Delivery Network Design for SP and Internet video Cisco Videoscape 2012 Cisco Content Delivery Applications for Internet Streaming (Version 2.5) Network Positioning System (NPS)

1.1.3. Netmanias Analysis Cisco Wholesale CDN Call-Flow Summary

1.2. ALU (Velocix)

1.2.1. Customers Verizon (USA) Time Warner Cable (USA) Orcon (New Zealand) TalkTalk (UK)

1.2.2. Resources 7810 Velocix product range overview Enabling Digital Media Content Delivery - Emerging Opportunities for Network Service Providers TV Everywhere

1.2.3. Netmanias Analysis Alcatel (Velocix) Wholesale CDN Call-Flow Summary

1.3. Verivue

1.3.1. Customers CoX (USA) PT

1.3.2. Resources Operator CDN (Login Required)

1.3.3. Blog

1.3.4. Netmanias Analysis Verivue (CoBlitz) Transparent Caching Call-Flow Summary

1.4. Solution Box

1.4.1. Customers KT (Korea)

1.4.2. Resources

1.5. HP

1.5.1. Customers Telefonica (Spain)

1.5.2. Resources

1.6. Juniper

1.6.1. Customers

1.6.2. Resources Optimizing the Network for Multiscreen Video Delivery

2. TIC

2.1. PeerApp/BTI

2.1.1. Customers Verizon Sprint Frontier Level 3 G8 Networks (Brazil)

2.1.2. Resources UltraBand Data Sheet Transparent Caching Converged Edge Caching of Over-the-top and Managed Content

2.2. Juniper

2.2.1. Customers

2.2.2. Resources Media Flow Datasheet

2.3. Blue Coat

2.3.1. Customers Telecom New Zealand

2.3.2. Resources CacheFlow Datasheet CacheFlow Technical Brief

2.4. Oversi

2.4.1. Customers Unotel (Brazil)

2.5. Verivue

2.5.1. Customers

2.5.2. Resources Verivue Transparent Cache Datasheet Transparent Caching

2.5.3. Blog

2.6. Qwilt

2.6.1. Customers

2.6.2. Resources QB-Series Datasheet The New Evolution of Transparent Video Caching

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4. Blog


4.2. Dan Rayburn (Streaming Media)