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Phylum:Arthropods by Mind Map: Phylum:Arthropods

1. order:Siophonapetra Fleas

1.1. Medical importance

1.1.1. I.H of D.caninum ,H.diminuta & H.nana ( occasionally)

1.1.2. Flea allergy or dermatitis by its saliva

1.1.3. Chiggers disease ( jiggers) In North America & Africa Caused by fertilized female Tunga Penetrans Infect skin between toes Result in Nodular pea-size swilling ➡️ ulcerate ( secondary infection occurs) ➡️skin become inflamed & painful ( especially if flea is crushed & eggs are set free ) Treatment Surgical removal of flea Antiseptic dressing

1.1.4. Plague Black death Caused by pasteurella pestis( yersinia) It's transmitted from rats( when they die) to man Transmission: propagative

1.1.5. Endemic ( murine typhus ) Caused by R.mooseri Transmitted from rats to man

2. Class:Insecta

2.1. order:Diptera

2.1.1. Family: Culicidae Mosquito Anopheles Colour:Gray Medical importance Medical importance Culex Colour: gray Aedes Colour : black & silver marks Medical importance

2.1.2. Family:Psychodidae Phlebotomus papatasii/ lutzomyia Sand fly Colour: sandy Medical importance Sand fly Works as I.H

2.1.3. Family:Muscidea Musca domestica House fly Grayish Distribution: comopolitan Medical importance Stomoxys calcitrans Stable fly 🐎🐎 Distribution: comopolitan Accidental myiasis Breading places: garbage & manure Medical importance Glossina Tse-tse fly Distribution: west & east central africa Breading places: soil ( shaded open land )

2.1.4. Family:Calliphoridae Subfamily: Sarcophaginea Flesh flies Sarcophaga ( abdomen chess board like ) Wohlfahrtia (spotted abdomen) They cause semi specific myiasis Metallic flies Calliphora (blue ) Lucilia ( green)

2.2. الترتيب: Anoplura

2.2.1. Family: pediculidea( lice) Pediculus humanus Head louse Body louse Phthirus pubis ( pubic louse) Medical importance

2.3. order:Hemipetra Bugs

2.3.1. Family: cimicidae Bed bug Medical importance Doesn't transmit any disease May transmit hepatitis B virus Mechanical transmission of human disease may occur Result of feeding it cause Insomnia , nervous trouble Temporary,obligatory ectoparasite Visits host (in night ) for blood meals

2.3.2. Family: Reduviidae Triatoma megista Winged/ kissing bug Medical importance

3. Class:Arachnida

3.1. Acarina

3.1.1. Tickes

3.1.2. Mites

3.2. Scorpionida

3.2.1. Scorpion

3.3. Araneida

3.3.1. Spiders

4. Class:Crustacea