Customer Service at PSA

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Customer Service at PSA by Mind Map: Customer Service at PSA

1. Communication

1.1. Verbally: bad communication, unclear, often misinterpreted information

1.2. Ex: NHS acceptance was supposed to come out May 6th, it is May 17th no word from admin had been released. Emails have been sent and gotten no reply.

2. Helpfulness

2.1. Staff is very helpful

2.1.1. Students do not have to worry about not receiving the help they need Scholarship news in newsletter along with tutoring

3. Caring

4. Teacher Commitment

4.1. Teachers often do not answer emails

4.1.1. Bad connection some students

4.1.2. Hard to reach and ask for help. Usually will have to go to guidance counselor for problems that could easily be resolved with a teacher’s help

5. Messy

5.1. Information is usually inconsistent.

5.2. Ex: lots of confusion regarding capstone weather it was optional or not. The information had a bad delivery leaving a lot of juniors confused

6. Slow