Brazilian Sexuality; Observations throughout 'Felicidade Eterna' from anthropologist Donna M. Gol...

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Brazilian Sexuality; Observations throughout 'Felicidade Eterna' from anthropologist Donna M. Goldstein by Mind Map: Brazilian Sexuality; Observations throughout 'Felicidade Eterna' from anthropologist Donna M. Goldstein

1. "Eating vs. Being Eaten:" ' [In the sexual hierarchy] females are to be consumed, and they are viewed negatively when they assume the role of 'active' consumers (p236).' However, some women who are 'active consumers' use the role to their advantage for power, and access to resources such as food and money.

2. "Comer" literally meaning "to eat" in portuguese is used in Brazil both to explain consuming food and also to consume another person sexually.

3. New Stepfathers, for example, are an accepted threat to younger unrelated girls as a sexual predator.'This abuse [by stepfathers], while not exactly acceptable, was understood with certain logic about male sexuality and limits.The only act that was considered heinous within this particular logic was the case of incest between a biological father and daughter or son by a father who had participated in the raising of a child from a very early age (253).'by a father who had participated in the raising of a child from a very early age (253).' It was also accepted that many of the mothers stayed with these men despite the abuse to their own children, many times the children themselves were cast as the one's doing wrong.

4. The threat of sexually agressive men and sexual assult against women largely was treated as a unavoidable part of womanhood.

5. 1.) Sex, and discussion of sex, is a normal part of day-to-day culture

5.1. Goldstein explained that many anthropologists have remarked that sexuality is central to the explanation of Brazilian culture

5.2. Joking, teasing, and flat out discussions about sex (one's own sex life or that of others) -- regardless of age or gender-- is discussed openly and comfortably. However, their are different judgements concerning sexual activity across gender.

6. 3.) Flirtation

6.1. Goldstein explained, '... public flirtation is an elaborate and beloved game, not scutinized as an objectification of women's bodies but rather an appreciated as pleasurable and complimentary of women's bodies.

6.2. Women appreciate and enjoy the attention they receive from the opposite sex, a lack of this attention is to feel ignored and is associated with one's self confidence.

7. 2.) Normative sexuality across gender

7.1. The acceptable sexual roles of men and women vary, and hold many double standards. 'Men are like animals, and it is natural for them to fulfill what [is considered] a basic need. On the other hand, [it is expected] for daughters to remain virgins for as long as possible, if only because their reinforced virginity guarantees that they do not become pregnant and bring another mouth to feed into [the] house (p244).'

8. 6.) Sexual Aggressiveness/Assault

9. 8.) Women's use of Sexual Relationships as a means of power

9.1. Many women that Goldstein interviewed admitted, with pride, that they often went into or stayed in sexual relationships as a means to gain resources such as food or money from their partners. Some of the relationships were even with married men, however they defended these relationships as pridefully boasting that the men provided the family with chores, food, or other types of emotional or monetary support. One young woman by the name of Soneca revealed, "Whenever I had [financial] problems, I would get a boyfriend (p240)."

9.2. This reversal of roles of woman "doing the eating" represents a reversal of the gender hierarchy giving woman some domination in the sexual aspect. These woman realized that if the man were to stop poroviding economically for them then they could stop providing sexually. And, likewise, providing sex could give woman more economic stability.

10. 4.) Adultery / Cheating

10.1. 'Male infedelity is disliked but percieved as part of the normal repertoire of male behavior... Women are expected to be loyal to their partners simply because they are women, and disloyalty shames and dishonors their partners... (P238).'

10.2. Women's two biggest complaints about men is that they inadequate economic providers, and that they are not faithful, and are unable to be trusted.

11. 7.) Language pertaining to sex and what is represents.

12. 5.) A Female's sexual boundaries vary between in the home and outside of the home.

12.1. When outside the walls of their own home, women/girls are percieved as a sexual being. 'The simple act of leaving home and being unprotected outside the womb of her own family, and especially of her male kin, turned her into what naturally appeared to others as a "flighty" girl, one who might not mind and even welcome sexual advances from other men (p250)."