Referral and Assessment for Assisstive Technology

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Referral and Assessment for Assisstive Technology by Mind Map: Referral and Assessment for Assisstive Technology

1. Step One:

1.1. Referral for AT Assessment

1.1.1. review student personal information relevant medical data vision/hearing information needed or relevant AT student background

2. Step Three:

2.1. Individualized Education Program Team

2.1.1. trial use of AT student in need teacher/staff

2.1.2. select appropriate AT

3. Step Two:

3.1. Conducting an AT Assessment

3.1.1. observe cognitive skills current use of AT sensory skill motor skill commmunication skill social skills

3.1.2. interview for information familiy concern/expectation percieved need and abilities academic expectations diagnostic information medical information

4. Step Four:

4.1. Implementation of AT Device

4.1.1. Does it work? AT help achieve goals and curriculum standards? Does AT allow for easier learning/assessment? Is the AT unobtrusive to other students? Is AT usable in multiple environments? Is student getting needed support for AT use? Does AT increase student participation and interaction?