AE 597F - 2012

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AE 597F - 2012 by Mind Map: AE 597F - 2012

1. Classes

1.1. Aug / Sept

1.1.1. 8/27 Course Introduction Introduction to Virtual Prototyping Presentation on Angel

1.1.2. 8/29 ICon Lab Demonstration and Instruction Demo and Practice Prior to Class

1.1.3. 8/31 Prior to Class Readings Quest Virtual Prototyping / 3D modeling with SketchUp PC Introduction (Dragana) SketchUp Introduction Virtual Prototyping Discussion (John)

1.1.4. 9/3 No Class - University Holiday - Labor Day

1.1.5. 9/5 Virtual Reality Overview of Modeling Applications Sketchup Activity Prior to Class Experience-Based Virtual Prototyping Presentation (John) S‐A01 Reader S‐A02 Virtual Reality

1.1.6. 9/7 Introduction to Virtual Reality Prior to class Virtual Reality Exploration Sketchup Modeling - House Tutorial

1.1.7. 9/10 Introduction to Virtual Worlds Prior to class Discussion of 'What is a Virtual World?'

1.1.8. 9/12 No Class

1.1.9. 9/14 Second Life Exploration Activity Discussion of semester projects concepts

1.1.10. 9/17 Design & Design Review Applications Discussion of Design and Design Review Application Characteristics / Examples Activities VW‐A01 Virtual World Explorer (Second Life) DUE

1.1.11. 9/19 Innovative Design Concepts

1.1.12. 9/21 Meeting Time for Project / Quests

1.1.13. 9/24 Designing Interfaces for Interactive Content Storyboard Design Project concept presentations Quest Due- Virtual Prototype Plan

1.1.14. 9/26 No class

1.1.15. 9/28 Game Engines - Unity 3D Introduction Prior to class Quest Due - Revit Model - Post ZIP file to Angel

1.2. October

1.2.1. 10/1 Game Engines - Developing Interactive Content VW‐J01 MMORPG Explorer DUE

1.2.2. 10/3 No class - work session

1.2.3. 10/5 Game Engines - User Interface Design PD-A01 Virtual Prototyping Quest DUE PD-A02 Virtual Reality Quest DUE

1.2.4. 10/8 Synchro demonstration M‐J01 3D Modeling with Autodesk Revit DUE

1.2.5. 10/10 Work session

1.2.6. 10/12 NavisWorks advanced capabilities and Solibri model checker

1.2.7. 10/15 Second round of presentations PD‐J01 Storyboarding Quest DUE

1.2.8. 10/17 Work Session

1.2.9. 10/19 Work Session

1.2.10. 10/22 No class Quests M‐J01 4D Simulation using Navisworks DUE ID‐A01 Introduction to Game Engines‐ Unity DUE ID‐A02 Basic Unity 3D Scripting DUE

1.2.11. 10/24 DPR Matt Hedrick presentation

1.2.12. 10/26 Space Planning with 4D Modeling Readings Prior to Class 4D Space Planning Akinci - Detailed Automated Space Planning ID‐J02 Develop GUI DUE

1.2.13. 10/29 No Class - Work Session

1.2.14. 10/31 Construction Activity Visualization Vitascope Demo Kamat Paper VW‐J02 Architecture and Second Life DUE

1.3. November

1.3.1. 11/2 Digital Fabrication for Design and Construction Quests PD‐M01 Design Detailed Prototype Quest DUE ID‐M01 Interaction Designer Master DUE

1.3.2. 11/5 Visit to Stuckeman Digital Fabrication Labs Bring safety glasses! S‐J01 Critical Analyst

1.3.3. (11/6) PACE Research Seminar - Join Information Technology Session

1.3.4. 11/7 Chuck Hixon

1.3.5. 11/9 No Class - Work Session - Note - ICon Lab Open House at 11 AM for anyone who is interested

1.3.6. 11/12 Project Presentations by Groups

1.3.7. 11/14 No Class - Work Session

1.3.8. 11/16

1.3.9. 11/19 No Class - Fall Break

1.3.10. 11/21 No Class - Fall Break

1.3.11. 11/23 No Class - Fall Break

1.3.12. 11/26 Quests M‐M01 Modeling in Interactive Environment DUE S‐M01 Scholarly Review of a topic S‐M02 Paper Summary Presenter

1.3.13. 11/28 Student's Master Scholar presentation (Fadi Castronovo) Building Information Modelling HMG Strategic Overview

1.3.14. 11/30 VW‐GM01 Independent Project DUE

1.3.15. 12/3 Student's Master Scholar presentation

1.3.16. 12/5 Augmented Reality - guest lecturer Steve Ayer Student's Master Scholar presentation (Yishu Wang)

1.3.17. 12/7 Quests: PD‐GM01 Prototype Assessment Quest DUE M‐GM 01 Independent Project DUE ID‐GM 01 Independent project S‐GM01 Independent Research Project

1.3.18. 12/10 Final Presentations

1.3.19. 12/12 Final Presentations

1.3.20. 12/14 Final Presentations

1.4. December

1.5. TBD

1.5.1. Topics VRML Introduction to VRML VRML Navigation Introduction Interactive Content Development - Avatar Augmented Reality System Design Class discussion of the uses, components and challenges related to AR Experience Based Virtual Prototyping System Design Review Applications (cont.) Bentley Navigator

1.6. TBD

1.6.1. Guest Speaker Vaughn Whisker - ARL SEA Lab group at Penn State

1.6.2. Video link to Second Life - warning includes some adult content discussions:

1.6.3. In Class Content Video:

2. Course Reference Books

2.1. Serious Play by Michael Schrage

3. Professions

3.1. Prototype Designer

3.1.1. Apprentice Class exercises related to prototype design

3.1.2. Journeyman Develop a Storyboards for a Prototype Design

3.1.3. Master Design Detailed Prototype

3.1.4. Grand Master Prototype Assessment

3.2. Modeler

3.2.1. Apprentice Model Navigation Goal Task Authoring Models with Geometric Modeling Software Goal Task

3.2.2. Journeyman Author Architectural Model(s) with BIM Goal Task

3.2.3. Master Modeling a Construction Process - 4D CAD

3.2.4. Grand Master Develop a Real Time Photorealistic Models Learn a new BIM Authoring Environment, and report on the differences between Autodesk Revit and the other authoring tool Independent project approved by instructor.

3.3. Interaction Designer

3.3.1. Apprentice Basic Game Engine Scripting

3.3.2. Journeyman Develop a Simple Avatar

3.3.3. Master Develop a graphical user interface

3.3.4. Grand Master Develop an integrated interactive prototype for a scenario. Independent project approved by instructor.

3.4. Virtual World Resident

3.4.1. Apprentice Virtual World Explorer (Second Life) Explore a virtual world (Second Life) and complete an online quiz which reflects upon your experience.

3.4.2. Journeyman MMORPG Explorer Play an online MMOG for at least 2 hours, and reflect upon your experience through the online Angel quiz. Architecture and Second Life Architecture and Design in Virtual Worlds Slideshare: From Architecture to Wikitecture: How Virtual Worlds and Web 2.0 Will Revolutionize the Profession (1 of 2) Slideshare: From Architecture to Wikitecture: How Virtual Worlds and Web 2.0 Will Revolutionize the Profession (2 of 2)

3.4.3. Master Virtual world content feature exploration Task Task

3.4.4. Grand Master Virtual world content creator Independent project approved by instructor

3.5. Scholar

3.5.1. Apprentice Reader Goal Task Reflector Task

3.5.2. Journeyman Critical Analyst Task Paper summary presenter Task Book Evaluation Task

3.5.3. Master Scholarly Review of a Topic Goal Task

3.5.4. Grand Master Independent Research Project Goal Task Discussion Independent project approved by instructor

4. Other Resources

4.1. Unity 3D

4.2. Unity 3D Tutorial Videos (visit Angel)

4.3. Autodesk Student Site

4.4. Pecha Kucha