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recycling by Mind Map: recycling

1. Recycling is the process of converting waste into potentially useful materials or products.

2. Types of recycling: steel, aluminum, of batteries, rubber, of computers, long life packaging, of rubble, wooden, of metal, of paper, plastic and, packaging,of glass

3. The recycling process starts by separating the waste, then undergoing a good cleaning and ending at the recycling plants, where the reusable material will be transformed into a new raw material.

4. The term "Recycling" comes from the English language in which "re" means to repeat and "cycle" corresponds to cycle. Therefore, recycling is "repeating the cycle".

5. Recycling is also very important for the reduction of water, soil and air pollution, formation and development of ecological awareness, social and environmental responsibility and among other diverse advantages. It is interesting to note that recycling is also Art and Crafts, once again highlighting the word '' reuse ''.