The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs

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The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs by Mind Map: The Monkey's Paw  by W.W. Jacobs

1. Summary

1.1. Chapter 1:

1.1.1. It was a cold and rainy night, and the family was playing chess and having a good time. Q1|

1.2. Chapter 2:

1.2.1. Tom Morris arrives at the house, they sit down to talk for a while, specifically about the trip he made to India as a sergeant and out of nowhere comes the story of the monkey's leg, where he says that it is magical and fulfills wishes. He took it out and showed it to the family

1.3. Chapter 3:

1.3.1. Mr. White is warned by Morris about the leg, but he decides to keep it and start making his first wish, which is money to pay the mortgage on the house, the next day their wish is fulfilled. Mrs White also sees a face in the window

1.4. Chapter 4:

1.4.1. Herbert leaves his house to go to work

1.5. Chapter 5:

1.5.1. As a consequence, when his son Herbert goes to work, unfortunately he dies in a machine crushed and the company where he works gives his family money, where curiously they needed

1.6. Chapter 6:

1.6.1. Ms and Mrs White make their second wish, which is to see his son again, but this is not fulfilled.l

1.7. Chapter 7:

1.7.1. The mother went into crisis for not seeing her son so they ask for her third wish but that is also true so what causes is to cancel the other two wishes

2. Author

2.1. W.W. Jacobs

2.1.1. r William Wymark Jacobs (September 8, 1863 - September 1, 1943) was a British humorist, novelist, and short story writer. He is known primarily from one of his macabre tales as The Monkey's Paw, included in the storybook The Lady of the Barge (1902). Most of his work, however, belongs to the humorous genre.

3. Wish + Past

3.1. Mr Morris:

3.1.1. I wish I had a fast car and money.

3.2. Family:

3.2.1. They wish they had thirty thousand pounds, then his son died so they wished he would come back

4. Moral of the Story

4.1. This horror story left me with a great moral, and that is that whatever it is, money, luxuries, none of that changes the family and if Mrs White had not made her first wish from the beginning, her son would still be alive, but not because many times we get carried away by the things of most interest but not by the well-being of those around us

5. Opinions

5.1. I liked this story quite a bit, first for the great moral it leaves and second for its good suspense and the plot as such. And regarding this week's activity, I really liked having reading spaces and even more if it is in English, so we will know how to interpret texts