Directed Enzyme Evolution

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Directed Enzyme Evolution by Mind Map: Directed Enzyme Evolution

1. New C-X bonds are waiting

2. Cyclopropenes

3. Birth of the Field

3.1. 2001

4. Frances H. Arnold

5. But how enzymes WORK?

6. What are enzymes?

7. DNA: We can READ

8. DNA: We can WRITE

9. DNA: We can EDIT

10. DNA: We don't know how to compose

11. A multiverse of possibilities

12. NATURE has the recipe

12.1. Evolution

12.2. Solved ALL the problems of beeing alive

13. Maynard, 1970

14. Directed Evolution

15. Diversification of sequences

16. Re-Optimization

17. Examples

18. Examples

19. Novelty is HERE

20. Frances Lab

21. Bycyclopropenes

22. What about Si-C bonds?

23. It occurs in nature!

24. Unnatural Selection

25. Screening

26. A multiverse of possibilitities

27. 10^24 Stars in the Universe

28. Nitrene transfer

29. Enzyme Tuning

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31. Plant Applications

32. Perspectives