Intelligent Learning Environment (ILE)

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Intelligent Learning Environment (ILE) by Mind Map: Intelligent Learning Environment (ILE)

1. Innovations

1.1. Curriculum?

1.2. Learning teaching Process- POSSIBLE NEW MODELS?

1.3. Learning network, space, and technology usuage

1.4. in administration and management of learning and institution

2. Ideas to explore

2.1. Impacts in teaching, learning and administration?

2.2. Innovation that might emerge?

2.3. New nodels in education??

3. Integrated Learning Analytic Engine (gen. datamining from integrated network)

3.1. Capture

3.2. Report

3.3. Act

3.4. Predict

3.5. Refine

4. Challanges

4.1. Does ILE enhance learning 21st century skills?

4.1.1. Critical thinking & problem solving

4.1.2. Creativity & Innovation

4.1.3. Collaboration & communication

4.1.4. Active citizen, global mind set & universal responsibility

4.2. Are applied algorithms supporting learning theories

4.3. Privacy and level of transparency issues related with individual, applications & devices in network

4.4. Weightage of algorithms applied in learning and assessment. Minimization of being too objective and dehumanization of learning

4.5. Changes in the role of educators

4.6. Institutional culture of adopting emmerging techonolgies in personal and professional activities

4.7. Technology as a barrier for teachers and administrators

4.8. Lack of policy support

5. Solutions

5.1. Integration with conventional best educational practices

5.2. Clearly define each level of openess and security

5.3. Coperation and collaboration between all related stakeholders

5.4. Application together with appropriate learning theories and methods

6. Data Sources

6.1. LMS

6.2. CMS

6.3. Institution MIS

6.4. Big Data

6.4.1. Volume Terabytes Records Transactions Streams Tables/files

6.4.2. Velocity Batch Near time Real time

6.4.3. Variety Structured Unstructured Semi structured All types

7. Benifits

7.1. Assessing real time learning- behaviour, style, hinderence & progress

7.2. Early allert & Interventions during learning process

7.3. Providing learner's real time solutions and feedback

7.4. Guiding learners based on their need

7.5. Excellent support in creative & collaborative learning

7.6. Support in operational excellence/ Org efficiency & in decision making

7.7. Improving retention and adding high value to the learners