Activity 7-C 20 Questions

20 Questions to Guess Person

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Activity 7-C 20 Questions by Mind Map: Activity       7-C           20 Questions


1.1. Learners will come up with different tasks or roles staff/faculty at CLC have

1.1.1. Schedule Quality Review Meeting

1.1.2. Prepare for Quality Review Meeting

1.1.3. Conduct Quality Review Meeting

1.1.4. Follow-up Quality Review Meeting

1.2. Learners will discuss online their thoughts and opinions

1.2.1. Update Project Schedule

1.2.2. Update Budget / Costs

1.2.3. Conduct Team Status Review

1.2.4. Create Status Report

1.3. Learners will produce 20 questions in order to guess who their assigned person is

1.3.1. Request Changes

1.3.2. Identify Alternative Solutions

1.3.3. Conduct Steering Committee Meeting

1.3.4. Document Change Responses

1.3.5. Implement Change(s)


2.1. Instructor assigns groups of four or five learners

2.1.1. Prepare for Project Closure Meeting

2.1.2. Conduct Project Closure Meeting

2.1.3. Follow Up Project Closure Meeting

2.2. Instructor emails learners list of who is in their group

2.3. Instructor creates a forum

2.4. Instructor emails instructions

2.4.1. List of six people who work at CLC

2.4.2. Each group is to discuss what questions they can submit in order to try to guess who their person is

2.4.3. After consensus, only one person emails a question to instructor

2.4.4. When groups thinks they have identified who the assigned person is, they can email instructor the name - or they have to email their guess after 20 questions

2.5. Instructor responds to each of the questions with a "Yes" or "No"or with one-word answers

2.6. Instructor reveals of the groups got the person right or not

2.7. The following week all six CLC people who were the subject of the questions will present to the class to expand on what they do at CLC (these people can be faculty, staff in financial aid, admissions, the bookstore, the cafeteria, or administrators)


3.1. Learners will obtain knowledge about different people who work at CLC

3.1.1. Establish Project Objective

3.1.2. Establish Project Scope

3.1.3. Map Requirements

3.1.4. Map Solution

3.1.5. Map Training Requirement

3.1.6. Review Project Scope

3.2. Learners will engage in online communication

3.2.1. Identify Project Resources

3.2.2. Recruit Project Steering Committee

3.2.3. Recruit Project Coordinators

3.2.4. Identify / Recruit Key Stakeholders

3.2.5. Determine Training Requirements

3.2.6. Map the Project Organization Chart

3.2.7. Review Project Organization

3.3. Learners will interact and collaborate to present an answer agreed upon

3.3.1. Establish Project Administration Procedures

3.3.2. Establish Quality Control Procedures

3.3.3. Establish Progress Control Procedures

3.3.4. Establish Change Control Procedures

3.3.5. Establish Issue Resolution Procedure

3.3.6. Review Project Control Procedures


4.1. Did the students learn about different people at CLC who can help them?

4.2. Did learners communicate with other members of the group arriving at a consensus to submit questions?

4.3. Did the learners effectively use online communication?