Zoom I'm going to try in my teaching practice

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Zoom I'm going to try in my teaching practice by Mind Map: Zoom I'm going to try in my teaching practice

1. Let the students quickly enter the learning state, use the game to activate the atmosphere, and transfer the students' thinking to the content related to the course.

2. Through a variety of activities to attract students, increase student engagement and participation

3. High quality audio and video interaction, single conference can support up to 500 people

4. Desktop sharing / program sharing, integrating the function of electronic whiteboard Electronic whiteboard function, multi-party real-time annotation

5. Meeting management and control function, suitable for large number of meetings

6. Strong cross platform capability, supporting windows, MAC, Android, IOS, H323 / SIP and other system platforms

7. Support WiFi, 4G, 3G network environment

8. High security and reliability, using aes256 bit encryption

9. Give the responsibility of explanation and learning to students, let students form a sense of learning responsibility

10. Online class is a rare opportunity for students to speak more.Students are in a familiar environment and space, and teachers and classmates are not around. It is very helpful for them to reduce their anxiety about speaking

11. The design of classroom content is more vivid and interesting, which is in line with the students' appetite