Road Trip PBL

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Road Trip PBL by Mind Map: Road Trip PBL

1. Activity 1: Ratios & Rates

1.1. How Gassy is Your Car?

1.2. Determine Ratios/ Compute Unit Rates

1.3. 7.RP.1 & 7.MP.6

1.4. Reasoning

1.5. Groups review index cards with specific info. They find unit rates to determine the best gas millage.

1.6. Mini Lesson on ratios & rates

1.7. Group display cars around the classroom from worst to best gas millage.

1.8. Class discussion, discoveries, predictions on findings.

2. Objectives

2.1. 7.G.1.

2.1.1. Activity 3 & 4

2.1.2. Students will solve problems involving scale drawings and compute actual lengths.

2.2. 7.RP.1.

2.2.1. Activity 1 & 2

2.2.2. Students will compute unit rates associated with ratios of fractions and lengths.

2.3. 7.RP.2.

2.3.1. Activity 2

2.3.2. Students will recognize and represent proportional relationships between quantities.

2.4. 7.NS.3

2.4.1. Activity 4 & 5

2.4.2. Students will solve real-world problems involving four operations with rational numbers

2.5. 7.RP.3

2.5.1. Activity 4 & 5

2.5.2. Students will use proportional relationships to solve multiple step ratio and percent problems.

2.6. 7.MP.6

2.6.1. Activity 2, 6, 7

2.6.2. Students will refine mathematical communication skills by using clear & precise language in their reasoning.

2.7. 7.MP.5

2.7.1. Activity 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8

2.7.2. Students will consider available tools when solving math problem & decide when certain tools are useful.

2.8. 7.MP.3

2.8.1. Activity 7

2.8.2. Students will construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

3. Resources

3.1. Rulers, Maps, Crayons

3.2. Prezi, Youtube, Travel Log, Evaluations, Rubric

3.3. Computers/Internet

4. Activity 2: Proportions

4.1. Best Western vs Marriott

4.2. Set up Ratios/Find Unit Rates/ Determine Proportions

4.3. 7.RP.1 & 7.RP.2 & 7.MP.5 & 7.MP.6

4.4. Use previous knowledge of ratios and rates to help set up proportions. Students will research motel costs; set up proportions to later determine motel their lodging cost.

4.5. Teacher modeling of real life proportions

4.6. Groups will present their findings

5. Activity 3: Arizona Map Scaling

5.1. Across Arizona

5.2. Measuring, adding, multiplying, reasoning

5.3. 7.G.1. & 7.MP. 5 & 7.MP. 6

5.4. Groups will use a map of Arizona; measure map distances and calculate real life distances

5.5. Limited Guidance

5.6. Groups will give a short presentation on their discoveries using Prezi

6. Activity 4: Travel Agency Intro/ Major Destination Discoveries

6.1. Travel Time

6.2. Reasoning, Measuring, Creativity

6.3. 7.NS.3 & 7.RP.3 & 7.MP.5

6.4. Students will view a travel agency video. Groups will map out a basic route, investigate designation spots throughout the trip. Calculate distance, time, (driving 70mph), hotel stops, gas etc.

6.5. Groups will log their findings/information

7. Activity 5: Create Food Menus

7.1. I'm Hungry

7.2. Calculations, percents, predictions

7.3. 7.NS.3 & 7.RP. 3

7.4. Groups will plan out a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will calculate costs, taxes, and tipping (if eat out) for their entire trip.

7.5. Groups will create a food menu and display it in the classroom.

8. Activity 6: Travel Brochure

8.1. Vacation Well Spent

8.2. organization, displaying data

8.3. 7.MP.5

8.4. Groups will take the their findings, data and publish it in an attractive and meaningful manner.

8.4.1. New node

8.5. Groups will use the brochure to introduce the Liberty Travel Proposal

9. Activity 7: Liberty Travel Proposal

9.1. Vacations of a Lifetime on a Few Dimes

9.2. Communication, Creativity, Persuasiveness, Organization

9.3. 7.MP.5 & 7.MP.6

9.4. Groups will present a theory of how the economy is improving & family interests in traveling. Display the distance, gas prices, motel and food cost along with the extra STOPS. Display the vacation travel plan and package of their dreams.

9.5. Other classmates will score the presentation, brochure, and travel package according to a rubric bringing discussion and questioning.

9.5.1. 7.MP.3

10. Self-Evaluation

10.1. Scale Grading & Open-ended Questions

10.2. Evaluating: Project Information, Work Habits, and Overall Project

11. Activity 8: Further Investigation (Independent)

11.1. Additional Activity

11.2. 7.MP.5

11.3. Research, writing, analyzing, drawing conclusions

11.4. Students will further their study with choosing one of three investigations, which all correspond to the travel agency project.

11.5. Students will hand in for immediate feedback from teacher.

12. QUIZ

12.1. Ratios, Rates, & Proportions

12.2. Use table & charts

12.3. Shot answer, multiple choice, T/F