Technology and its impact on the world economy.

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Technology and its impact on the world economy. by Mind Map: Technology and its impact on the world economy.

1. Technological advance carries a great burden on the economy.

2. Digitization has taken hold of companies and forced them to adapt to digital environments.

3. The development of these technological pathways contributes a positive aspect such as saving time, reducing the efforts of workers that allows a progressive economy.

4. It brings changes that are social phenomena, and more in the mind of the human being, in their way of living, thinking and doing.

5. Technology also allows developed economies to enhance their productivity and economic growth.

6. This technological revolution is causing a completely disruptive change in economies, as well as in the behavior and habits of the economic agents themselves that make up the global economy.

7. - Access to information -Communication - Reduce the need for presence - Freedom of expression

8. - Greater number of competitors and therefore lower prices for the consumer. - Greater variety of offer, so that the consumer can exercise a greater range of decision when buying.

9. WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Glovo or Uber themselves, are companies that, with a very short life history, have become business giants of our economy.

10. In the digital world, in particular, if the Internet suffered a recession for a few days, the global economy would be depleted.