Science, Technology, and modern society

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Science, Technology, and modern society by Mind Map: Science, Technology, and modern society

1. HOW does innovation occur? By what means??

1.1. The methods that people use to advance or develop can affect how the problem gets solved

1.1.1. Disruption Design v. General Innovation

1.2. Do people understand every aspect of a problem before they attempt to solve it?

2. When? Innovation is always ongoing

2.1. With ongoing innovation and change, relevance and accuracy must be maintained over time as mentioned in the checklist for evaluating sources of information.

3. Tastes like a variety of foods that are grown in various local regions and exported to the rest of the globe

4. Imports and exports of goods

4.1. global exchange of ideas

4.2. innovation

4.2.1. the flip side of this is that many nations are deprived of innovation and so become unable to compete or participate in the global market... innovation can be exclusive.

5. Looks like

5.1. new and improved technology

5.2. global cooperation

5.3. betterment of everyday life

6. Impacts a wide variety of professional fields such as:

6.1. Medicine and Medical Treatments

6.2. Agriculture

6.3. Those who interact directly with the markets

7. How do everyday consumers interact with technology and innovation?

7.1. People encounter information through countless media sources like social media or news outlets

7.2. People CHOOSE which sources to get their information from allowing them to either enter an "echo chamber" of their own viewpoints or view other perspectives (as mentioned in Dr. C's video)

7.2.1. This creates many ideological divides

8. WEEK 4: Kevin Kellys assessment of technology and how it progresses brings up interesting points about innovations:

8.1. As technology develops and new ideas come forth, the old ideas and technology doesnt cease to exist; "techonlogy does not die"

9. WEEK 4: Thoughts about Hank Greens video about science

9.1. Science as defined by Green is the culmination of knowledge and information

9.2. The knowledge and information of Science is basically reflected in our level of technology, as knowledge increases so does technology

10. Week 5: What methods are used to achieve innovation?

10.1. People have used various methods throughout history to reimagine problems and create unique solutions. Theres no single correct way to achieve innovation.

10.1.1. Disruptive Design Method

10.1.2. Scientific Method

10.1.3. Engineering and Technological Design method