Construction of Chaucer Bay Marine Education Centre

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Construction of Chaucer Bay Marine Education Centre by Mind Map: Construction of Chaucer Bay Marine Education Centre

1. Disturbance of environment (terrestrial & marine)

1.1. Loss of habitats

1.1.1. Loss of grasses in dunes Increased erosion Loss of habitat for fauna species Loss of sediments and fertile soils Sedimentation of water Damage to infrastructure

1.1.2. Loss of fauna species Decrease in species population & diversity Impacts biodiversity Species extinction

1.1.3. Loss of flora species Impacts species population Loss of habitat for fauna species Impacts species diversity Causes soil erosion

1.2. Cleared land

1.2.1. Less rainfall absorbtion Increased runoff Destruction of ecosystems

1.2.2. Fragmentation Animal mortality Species extinction

1.2.3. Less rainfall absorbtion Contamination of waterways Health issues for local community Increased runoff etc

2. Noise

2.1. Disturb community

2.1.1. Complaints from community

2.2. Disturb wildlife

2.2.1. Impact species diversity & population Species extinction

3. Population increase

3.1. Increased resource demand

3.1.1. More waste Pressure on environment

3.1.2. Electricity

3.1.3. Water

3.1.4. Local prices increase Disadvantage to community

3.2. Impacts local economy

3.2.1. Positive impacts

3.2.2. Negative impacts

3.3. More infrastructure

3.3.1. More pressures on environment

3.4. Increased pollution

3.5. Increase in traffic

3.5.1. More pollution

3.5.2. More infrastructure required Pressure on environment

4. Increased education

4.1. Increased knowledge of marine issues & respect for environment

4.1.1. Less pollution Healthy environment

4.1.2. Less waste of natural resources

4.1.3. Protection of species Increased species population & diversity

4.1.4. Less damage to environment

5. Increased employment opportunities

5.1. Boosts economy

5.1.1. Increase living standards of local people

5.2. Population growth

5.2.1. Pressure on resources

5.3. Local job seekers benefit (teachers, builders, contractors etc)

6. Construction of facilities

6.1. Noise

6.1.1. See no 2

6.2. Infrastructure

6.2.1. Destroy land & environement Impact species diversity/population

6.2.2. Bitumen & walkways Increased human impacts Threaten species