Board of Advisors

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Board of Advisors by Mind Map: Board of Advisors

1. eXp Advisory Council

1.1. Small to 8 - 9 people max

1.1.1. Key Brokers Suzanne

1.1.2. initially 6 members with Board member serving as initial Chairman (Tom Somerville)

1.1.3. Reserve additional 3 spots for future appointment Brokers from major aquisitions, etc.

1.2. Quarterly

1.2.1. Share certain things before other brokers learn about it.

1.2.2. A bit of a Focus Group

1.2.3. Fixed Agenda

1.2.4. Meeting Dates September 18, 2012 initial meeting January 15, 2013 March 19, 2013 June 18 2013 On the third Tuesday of January, March, June and September of each successive year thereafter

1.3. President Advisory Council

1.3.1. Pick a Chairperson Someone Everyone looks up to and respects Help them with the agenda Allow the board to choose their own Chairperson Nominate their own Chairperson long term Appoint for the balance of the year Chairperson is Liaison to Board of Directors Glenn Sanford is Ad Hoc Member Receive Input Initial Board of Director member serving as Chairman to remain on the Advisory Council for first full year to insure continuity and guidance

1.3.2. Set a set of guiding principals How the Council governs itself Board to have set agenda for every meeting Attendance will be taken Minutes will be published Mission statement of Council Mission

1.3.3. What happens at the board has value Look at recommendations seriously Inner Circle Value knowledge and contribution In the trenches opinion

1.3.4. If you don't attend 2 meetings per year then you are replaced by another appointee Press Statement Good Bio

1.3.5. Staggered Terms of Advisors 3 for 1 year (initial) 3 for 2 years (initial) After first yeear terms for Members are for two years ( eight meetings) Chair elected from

1.3.6. Qualifications Must have 2 years active experience in Real Estate business to qualify Be a member in good standing Active in eXp Virtual space/programs Participate in Revenue Share A member of eXp

1.3.7. Potential Members John-mark Mitchell 1 Year NC Suzanne Fuqua 2 Year AZ Darryl Baskin 1 Year OK David Harbour 1 Year VA Yes Dana Ehlrich 2 Year CA Jeff Buettner 2 Year AZ Jay Thompson 2 year AZ Stew Keene Mike Freeman Beth Ellyn Bryan Choate Eric Flynn Mick Marino Jim Girard Dale Kreiser Joe Schumer

1.3.8. Mix Brokers Agent Invitation from the Board to be issued by CEO no later than August 31, 2012 Board members for inaugural year should be in place by 8/31/2012

1.4. ALC

1.5. Someone else Chairs it